February 14, 2017

North Carolina 2017 Super Lawyers

Top 25 Charlotte Area

Super Lawyers selects attorneys using a patented multi-phase selection process

The objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel. We limit the lawyer ratings to those who can be hired and retained by the public, i.e. lawyers in private practice and Legal Aid attorneys.

Connette, Ill, Edward G., Essex Richards, Charlotte
Cooney, Ill, James P., Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Charlotte
Cutp, HeatherW., Essex Richards, Charlotte
DeVore, Ill, Fred W., DeVore Acton & Stafford, Charlotte
Diehl, Jr., William K., James McElroy & Diehl. Charlotte
Ey, Jr., Douglas W., McGuireWoods, Charlotte
Fialko, Christopher C., Fialko Law, Charlotte
Fuller, Ill, Robert W., Robinson Bradshaw, Charlotte
Greene, Michael J., Goodman Carr Laughrun Levine & Greene, Charlotte
Grier, Ill, Joseph W., Grier Fu rr & Crisp, Charlotte
Harrington, Robert E., Robinson Bradshaw, Charlotte
Higgins, John P., Additon Higgins & Pendleton, Charlotte
Hinson, Jr., Edward T., James Mc Elroy & Dieh l, Charlotte
Kutrow, Bradley R., McGuireWoods, Charlotte
Largess, S. Luke, Tin Fulton Walker & Owen, Charlotte
McDowell, Valecia M., Moore & Van Allen. Charlotte
Moss, Jr., Joseph W., Erwin Bishop Capit ano & Moss, Charlotte
Powers, Bill, Powers McCartan, Charlotte
Riopel, Mark D., Hamilton Stephens Steele + Mart in, Charlotte
Sumwalt, Mark T., The Sumwalt Law Firm, Charlotte
Vincent-Hamacher, Angelique R .. Robinson Bradshaw, Charlotte
Wester, John R., Robinson Bradshaw, Charlotte
White, Martin L.. Johnston Allison & Hord, Charlotte
Wright, Ill, David C., Robinson Bradshaw, Charlotte
Wyatt, 111, James F., Wyatt & Blake, Charlotte