December 16, 2015

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly

One-man wolf pack

Source: Bantz, Phillip. “One-Man Wolf Pack.” North Carolina Lawyers Weekly, 16 Dec. 2015.

Prominent Charlotte criminal defense lawyer Christopher Fialko is going solo.

His current firm, Rudolf Widenhouse & Fialko, announced earlier this month that Fialko will be kicking off the New Year by separating from his longtime law partners and opening his own office. “I’ve had an excellent 16 years working with Dave Rudolf and Gordon Widenhouse,” Fialko said. “I just felt it was time for me to strike out on my own and see what opportunities might arise.” Rudolf Widenhouse & Fialko will become Rudolf Widenhouse following Fialko’s departure.

Fialko was still deciding on a name for his new firm, where he will continue to specialize in state and federal criminal defense. He said he did not have immediate plans to bring on any new law partners.

But he added, “I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for what opportunities might come about.”

Last summer, Fialko defended former Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy in a high-profile domestic violence case that ended with Hardy being convicted of assaulting and threatening an ex-girlfriend.

But the charges were dismissed earlier this year after Hardy appealed and prosecutors could not locate his accuser.

In November, sports website Deadspin published a series of leaked police photos that were reportedly taken of the ex-girlfriend’s bruised face and body following the assault.

Fialko’s other recent noteworthy cases include the acquittal of a Salisbury police officer accused of excessive force and his successful defense of a lawyer who was allegedly involved in a mortgage fraud scheme.

He and Rudolf said in separate interviews that they were parting on good terms.

“He wanted to have his own firm. I understand that,” Rudolf said. “It’s what I wanted to do 20 or 30 years ago. I think everyone gets to a point where that is appealing to them. Chris found himself in a position where he could do it.”

“There’s no drama here,” Fialko added.