Case Results

Small businessmen sometimes get grand jury subpoenas or requests for documents and freak out because they think they’re in trouble but have no idea why. For example, in 2019 Chris Fialko was called in to help a small company that was served with a federal grand jury subpoena seeking documents about a sales broker the company sometimes used.

Fialko was able to sort out the case by speaking with the FBI agent and federal prosecutor. Chris helped the company owner find and produce the requested documents, and explain the interaction with the broker, including how the company did not have any knowledge of the broker’s alleged wrongdoing. Fialko then prepared the client for an interview with the FBI, which went well.

Chris Fialko, and fellow local criminal defense attorney Missy Owen defended a husband and wife charged in federal court with conspiracy to commit wire fraud involving short sales of residential homes.

Over a two-year period, we fought hard, interviewing witnesses and preparing multiple pretrial motions. After all this work fighting the 11-count indictment, we obtained a remarkable plea agreement: one count, one year of probation with home detention, and limited restitution.

Chris Fialko defended a husband who was accused by his wife of assault on a female. Chris compiled photos, videos, and text messages showing the inaccuracies of the accuser’s story. At trial, Chris effectively cross-examined the state’s witnesses and presented the testimony of the responding police officers. The judge found our client not guilty.

In the summer of 2019, Chris Fialko defended a young man charged with felony possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana in Mecklenburg County. The charge was issued after a private police guard hired by a nightclub did not like the client mouthing off to him, and searched the client’s car and trunk. We investigated and showed that under North Carolina’s private police statute, the rent-a-cop had no authority over the parking lot area. The felony was dismissed.

A local liberal arts college charged Chris Fialko’s client with non-consensual sexual acts. Chris examined text message and social media data in the case, and provided evidence to the Title IX investigators, and helped our client explain what happened to the school’s investigators and administrators. The hearing board dismissed the case.

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